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The logos below belong to companies that are Canadian and proud to display their Canadian citizenship. They have chosen to sponsor Zoomit Canada because they believe you deserve a place online where you can discuss what is important to you with other Canadians. Please support them, in turn.

If you want to sponsor Zoomit Canada, please let us know.

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National Sponsors

Credit Cards Canada

Credit Cards Canada provides information, resources and online applications for the best credit card offers available to Canadians.


Monster Auto

Monster Auto is the Canadian source for online vehicle purchases. vehicles can be found searching by make, model and proximity to your postal code.


Hot Tub Covers Canada

Hot Tub Covers Canada provides replacement hot tub covers for your backyard spa - without tacky advertising logos!


The Happy Guy Marketing

The Happy Guy Marketing is the Canadian source for marketing to Canada and the Americas. With deep roots across the country and a satellite office in México City, they market in English, French and Spanish (and sometimes other languages) to bring your products to the world.


Regional Sponsors

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