Nine Social Bookmarking Spammers

When you run a social bookmarking website, expect lots of spammers. Oodles. Huge piles. Gazillions.

At Zoomit, we delete a spammer’s account. This is time-consuming, although less so than deleting individual posts. We also have a filter that catches at least 90% of non-Canadian submissions; the eyeball test catches most of the others for manual deletion.

Without further ado, here are the nine types of spammers we are pleased to delete…

The no speak-a English spammer. I guess these spammers speak so little English that they don’t realize that Zoomit is for Canadian content only. They can’t read the big, red warning sign. They don’t notice all the English language submissions. They can’t tell by having to select a province the story relates to. The big red maple leaf doesn’t give it away. The map of Canada obviously stuns them. The name of the site – Zoomit Canada – is obviously not helpful. You have to admire such determined spammers who are so eager to have their submissions deleted.

The two-headed no speak-a English spammer. Yes, this dude signed up for two accounts, one male and one female to spam us.  No English and no understanding of gender.

The stupid foreigner spammer. OK, these guys obviously speak English. So why are they spamming a Canadian website?  Both of them should have been able to read the warning sign on the submissions page, and both of them should have been able to tell the difference between states and provinces in the form.  Hands up everyone who thinks Chicago is in Canada.

The stupid foreigner spammer…with integrity! Does their integrity excuse their stupidity or their lack of integrity?  Oh come on, this one is precious.  A spammer with self-proclaimed integrity.  You have to admire the hutzpah as you hit the “delete” button.

The foreign email spammer. If you plan to spam an all-Canadian website, maybe a UK email address won’t raise a red flag.  Or maybe it will.

The mass spammer. Much like the mass-murderer or the serial killer, but without a bunch of messy bodies strewn about the website.

The branded spammer. Hint, if you place just the name of a product, that’s a pretty easy give-away that you are not submitting something to share with people but something you want to sell to people.  On a classifieds website, that would be cool.  On a news website, that is spam.

The advertising spammer. If a submission about a product is not bad enough, how about a submission that even reads like  an ad, complete with a price and a call to action?  So here is a question for you - would you hire an SEO company that reached you by spamming you?

And for the grand prize, would you hire an SEO company that lies to you - openly! - while spamming you?  And can almost write in English?

And here is my personal favourite…

The exceedingly careless spammer. Uh…need I say more?

6 Responses to “Nine Social Bookmarking Spammers”

  1. Cendrine Marrouat Says:

    Thank you for giving me a good laugh! It is interesting to see how disrespectful people really are. I don’t know if spammers behave the way they do to annoy others or just because they can. I won’t try to figure it out. But it is just bad!

  2. Vernessa Taylor Says:


    Followed you here from BizSugar. This is hilarious (though sad, really). My favorite two of your designations are probably Mass Spammer and “no speak-a English spammer”. :)

    This is the time to call them out, complete with social proof of their anti-social behavior (screenshots!). I recently wrote about what I’m calling “virtual assistant comment spam.” Whatever we call any of it, it’s time to be done with it, in Canada, the U.S., and everywhere else in the world.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Michael Gibson Says:

    Bahaha! Oh wow, that’s hilarious. Had a good chuckle at the mass spammer.

    Thank goodness for spam protection, huh?

  4. Mitchell Allen Says:

    No Responses? You scared everyone off.
    I always find amusing spam that I think would be fun to post. Then I thought - not indicting you, however - why would I do that when anyone with a blog can see it first-hand?

    Still, the miscreants do provide a chuckle, now and then.
    Should I stop using the Discussion settings blacklist?
    I’ve kept a running tally in Excel and was dismay to find dups. I thought that maybe WordPress won’t blacklist it if the url, dynamic IP or name is different. I haven’t been able to compare, because I delete the comments after blacklisting. When a new one comes in, I can’t recall what the fields had.

    Any tips?



  5. David Says:

    I just have to share this spam comment we receieved to this post (linking to a URL that appears not to exist, or the server is down)…

    “Hahahaha. But why did you insult foreigners. Does it matter? Spammers are everywhere :) You make me still laugh. This is hard effort though.

    “Good luck. I always like hanging out where I can talk to real people.”

  6. Gillian Says:

    Good on you to be so proactive and protective of our Canadian site!

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