About Zoomit Canada

Zoomit Canada is Canada's News Chosen by You. Simply put, we think you should have a say in what stories you feel are most important. There are many social bookmarking websites out there, but Canadian news always gets buried among US and world news. Zoomit Canada is where you can come to have your say about what happens in Canada. This is where you can meet your fellow Canadians and talk about Canadian news, Canadian sports, Canadian entertainment, Canadian technology and Canadian life

Forgive us as our eyes grow watery - after all, we Canadians are not supposed to demonstrate brash patriotism - but we believe that public discussion is what citizenship is all about. Being a good citizen means understanding what is going on in the country and helping decide the direction things will follow.

Every now and then, there is an election. In between, there is Zoomit Canada.

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